Theophania Temple provides a home for Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, and Apollon, the Lord of Light, within the capital of the nation that rebirthed democracy into the modern world. Through the vehicle of Their temple, They may be present in the lives of humans and may influence humanity and human civilization in ways that advance our spiritual evolution.


To serve its vision, Theophania structures its activities along three lines:

  1. Rituals designed to strengthen the relationships between Athena, Apollon, and their retinues with humanity, including rites that serve the aims of these Great Ones, such as rituals that promote the spiritual evolution of humanity or the integrity of the processes of the polis.
  2. An oracle of Apollon so that He may speak directly using the body of His mantis.
  3. The rebirth of the Neoplatonic philosophical school and tradition within a contemporary Pagan context, embodying a truly Pagan approach to the quest for wisdom and Truth that blends logic, mysticism, abstract thought, and practical life applications for the individual and the polis.

As instructed, Theophania may engage in activities in support of allied deities or organizations as directed by Athena and Apollon, but never to the detriment of fulfilling its primary vision and mission.


Theophania was an annual festival at Delphi in which Apollon returned from His time in the hidden lands and made Himself directly known and visible to the people. A “theophany” is when a deity makes himself or herself immediately known and visible to a mortal. Apollon selected this name because He and Athena are coming back to make Themselves known directly to humanity once more. Theophania strives to serve these Great Ones by providing structures through which mortals may have direct experiences with Them as They return to us. They want to be in close relationships with us once more.