Oracular Rituals

Apollon is the Lord of Light. Light is Truth in the ancient Hellenic sense. Out of love for humanity, Apollon chooses to speak directly to humans by possessing His mantis…the priest or priestess who serves as a physical vehicle for Him when He delivers His oracles. He does this in order to provide counsel to us so that we may make the best choices possible.

When is it appropriate to consult an oracle?

When there is a choice to be made, or confusion about what direction to go and reason is insufficient. Apollon wants humans to be our full-selves, using all of our faculties, but humans, by our Moira (Fate/essential nature), have more limited perspective than He. He shares that perspective with us in ways we can understand so we may make better decisions.

Apollon is not a “fortune teller.” He does not tell the future. He provides counsel so that you may act and shape your future.

I have observed a few things from the “back seat” in the sessions where I have served Him so far.

  1.  He seems to be quite careful about not constraining the free will of the person consulting Him. This can be important in how you frame your question.
  2. He will speak on major issues for all (climate change) and will also pay equal attention to individual, quite personal questions.
  3. At least in the smaller rituals, He is quite conversational. There is an essay written by Plutarch exploring why, by his time, the Delphic oracle had ceased prophesying in verse. Basically, Apollon wants to be understood and relate to us. He seems to adopt the communication means that aid that within the cultural contexts of the participants. He said something similar to me.

How can I attend?

Dates are added as I am able to plan them. At the moment, there are no specific dates planned because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Because most of them are currently offered in my home, you will need to contact me through theophaniatemple@gmail.com. You must RSVP, since space is limited. You also must arrive on time.

What can I expect?

  1. It is important to note, as in ancient times, there is always a possibility that the omen taken as part of the ritual may indicate that Apollon is unwilling to possess the mantis at that moment. This has not happened yet to me and it was rare in ancient times, but it must be noted that this is always possible. From ancient precedent and what He has explained, there may be some situation in which it is not safe for my body to be given over. He is a healer and quite protective. If He is unwilling to possess me, there is an alternative protocol where counsel can be sought through divination without possession.
  2. For those who have never attended, the ritual will be explained.
  3. There is a period leading up to the possession.
  4. Once Apollon has possessed His mantis/Pythia, then the attendees may ask Him questions. It is a safe space, but not a private space. Attendees are asked to respect others and not share what is heard. You are encouraged to take notes.
  5. There will be some questions that are asked on behalf of the polis and the Greater Good.
  6. Once Apollon releases His mantis, the ritual will conclude.
  7. It typically takes about 2 hours.