Theophania Third Thursday Philosophy Book Club

One of the goals of Theophania Temple of Athena and Apollon is to rebirth the Neoplatonic   philosophical school and tradition within a contemporary Pagan context, embodying a truly Pagan approach to the quest for wisdom and Truth that blends logic, mysticism, abstract thought, and practical life applications for the individual and the polis.

To begin, I am going to experiment with a monthly book club on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM.

The second will be 10/20 at my home.  Please email for address and directions.  The book is: Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? by Michael J. Sandel.  We are reading from 103-183.  Let’s cover Kant and Rawls next time and go back over anything in the earlier chapters we still want to talk about.

These are my goals for us for this particular study:

  1.  I want us to engage in an exploratory process in understanding our own philosophical reasoning about morality and Justice so that we are more consciously aware of how we think about these issues.
  2. To be able to investigate in our ourselves how this process intersects with our own Paganism(s).
  3. To understand the various approaches to thinking about morality and Justice [utilitarianism, libertarianism (emphasis on liberty), and virtue-based reasoning), to be able to recognize them when listening to a moral debate, and to be able to engage with these philosophical arguments about Justice.
  4. To increase our capacities at being reflective in our thinking and be able to approach any practical issue or metaphysical issue about Justice and carefully reason through them in ways that are congruent with our individual Pagan faith.

I am attaching two copies of the questions for the first study.  We did not get to most of them and we may want to reuse them.  I am attaching one in a PDF study-question-1and one in a Word documentstudy-question-1, in case anyone wants to use them as journal prompts.

I am now adding two copies of the questions for the rest of the book.  Here is the study-questions-2 and the Word documentstudy-questions-2, in case anyone wants to use them as journal prompts.