Oath for Thaumapolitikos

This oath will be administered in the opening ritual.  If you are not in agreement with this oath and have already paid, please contact theophaniatemple@gmail.com, and your full admission will be refunded.

Priestess: Citizens, Workers of Magick, we are serving as the Council of the Nation. All those who are present, are here for a reason. In this time, in this place, during the course of Thamuapolitikos, we are a manifestation of the Council of the Wise. Let us take our oath to serve correctly.

I swear during this conference to dedicate myself to service for the good of the polis. I swear to embody civil discourse, careful consideration, compassion and a commitment to ethics. I will claim my power and act from it in service of the Good. I recognize the power of my speech as a magical worker and will use it with care and for constructive ends. So it is said and so shall it be.