Thaumapolitikos Outline

Name: Thaumapolitikos: A Weekend of Magick for the Good of the Polis

Made as an Offering by: Theophania Temple of Athena and Apollon

Magickal Intent: To empower the attendees to perform magick intended to restore and uphold integrity in our political systems and work towards evolutionarily appropriate goals within the broader community, recognizing the true sense of the polis.

Divine Patrons: Athena Polias; Athena Columbia; Apollon

Ancestors: National Ancestors, Heroes

Intended Audience: Relatively advanced practitioners who also have good common sense and are ethical. Invitation only.

Rules: Because of the topic, secrecy is emphasized. No pictures, no social media. There will be people who are in the broom closet. We will specify at the end of the conference what can be shared.

Strategy: Three fold.

  1. Invoke and create bonds to the Great Ones involved directly in this work and give attendees a working tool to continue the work specifically through those bonds from their home.
    1. Enliven the Palladion and link it to a replica each attendee will have that is made out of the marble from the capitol steps (Palladion Ritual – led by Gwendolyn Reece)
    2. Create bonds to the ancestors to acquire their assistance in the working (Ancestor Ritual – led by Diana Paxson)
  2. Educational – provide sessions that give practical tools about how to approach political magick that can be appropriately taught and shared within a conference setting.
  3. Application – Put the tools and what has been learned into practice through:
    1. Dividing into small, topic-based groups so that there is communal support for continued work
    2. Seed critically important topics so that work on those topics gets accomplished
    3. Increase commitment to actually doing the work by enabling each small group to come up with a strategy, including a communication plan
    4. Encourage practice that develops mastery by getting each group to commit to a plan of work
    5. Encourage “buy in” and commitment by giving each group the opportunity to report out in a general session about what it is that they are going to do.

Educational Sessions

  • An overall session about the importance of the polis, the spiritual role of citizenship, and the cosmopolis
  • How to work with the Ancestors and spirits of place
  • The Ethics of Political Magick (panel). NB, Apollon says that this session is non-negotiable, must happen, and must be good.
  • How to identify the issues and the critical fulcrum points and interdependencies
  • Creating a strategy
  • Practical Magick Tech for Political Magick (panel)

Application – Outline of Program

Seed some topics with dedicated facilitators who know something about the topics and have given some initial thoughts – but the idea is to FACILITATE a strategy building session for what can be accomplished over the next 8 years. Each small group should have a facilitator and a note-taker and should elect someone who is NOT the facilitator to do a report-out session. During the facilitated sessions, the group should determine:

  1. What success looks like
  2. The fulcrum points
  3. Interdependencies
  4. The obstacles
  5. The opportunities
  6. The available resources
  7. Which activities they are going to undertake and on what schedule
  8. Their communication plan to stay in touch with each other

At the end, we can reconvene the whole group and do a 10 minute report out from each group.

Some topics are:

  1. Getting money out of politics
  2. Access to a vote that counts (Gerrymandering, voter rights)
  3. Climate Crisis
  4. Reform of the “disciplinary” powers of the state: Policing Reform, Criminal Justice Sentencing Disparities, mass incarceration

Others are being formulated based on current crises

Long-Term Vision

  • To cultivate a corps of advanced magickal workers who are dedicated to using their abilities to advance the good of the polis. This corps should enable us to:
    • Better coordinate our efforts
    • Test and refine our strategies and tech for doing this kind of magick
  • The intention is for Theophania Temple to host Thaumapolitikos for each election cycle. The next would be in 2 years.
    • We hope to have the small groups report back on progress and experience.
    • Strengthen the divine connections through repetitive work.
    • Learn from our experiences and improve our effectiveness.