Thaumapolitikos Program

There will be four formal rituals as part of Thaumapolitikos and, in actuality, the entire conference will take place as a meta-ritual of modeling in the group mind what a functional group of citizens looks like.

The conference has an opening and closing ritual that are, as I said, also operative magick.  The aims of the two main rituals this year will be:

  • A ritual to empower those of us who are driven to do this work so that we are effective and give all of our parts of self full permission to act.
  • A ritual to dissipate the Glamour of “My vote doesn’t matter.”  This country has historically poor voter turn-out, especially at the mid-term elections.  We will be working to dissipate that glamour.

For the educational/empowerment elements:

  • Hecate Demeter – Dion Fortune’s “Magical Battle for Britain” and the “Magical Battle for America”

Dion Fortune (and others) are known for waging a magical battle to protect England from the Nazis.  What can we learn for today’s struggle from their workings?  They were able to draw upon a number of well-known British egregores such as Arthurian legend, Drake’s Drum, and Glastonbury.   What are our American equivalents?  How do today’s Nazis draw upon the occult powers that fed those opposed to Dion Fortune?  How can we oppose them?

  • Ivo Dominguez Jr. “Raising, Holding, and Shaping Power for Political Magick”

If our political magick is to be effective, it must have enough power to match the scale of the desired outcomes. The power must also be properly shaped and applied, and political workings are not the same as most other forms of magick. This workshop will touch upon key topics and practical techniques. We will start with the psychology of accepting power and the magickal persona.  Then we’ll explore the different sources of power for these sort of workings and how to access them. We will do as many exercises as time permits. Then we’ll end with ideas and methods for safety and healthy energy management.

  • Katrina Messenger – “Radical Self-Care When Doing Political Magick”

There are risks to doing political magick. You can become visible on the physical and subtle planes, making yourself an easy target. And the work of magick can be difficult enough on its own! This is where a regimen of purifying, warding, resting, and recharging becomes essential. As magickal practitioners, we also need to nurture and love ourselves while purposefully seeking out the joy and beauty that still exists in the world.  To change the world, we must love the world and ourselves, to do otherwise lessens the impact of our workings.

  • Jason Miller – “Seeing Three Moves Ahead:  Accurate Divination for Political Sorcery”

If divination is going to be part of strategic action, it needs to yield actionable intelligence. Vague generality and esoteric twaddle serve no purpose here. Relying upon the principals of Strategic Sorcery Jason will present best practices for those who  want to use magic for influencing politics. Several different modes of divination will be covered with a special focus on Tarot, and how to get precise event prediction from a reading.

  • Diana Paxson –     “Rally ‘round the Flag” The Magical Battle to Reclaim and Re-energize our Nation’s Sacred Symbols

The energy that has been put into the American Flag via the Pledge of Allegiance and its use as a national symbol make a potential energetic reservoir of great power. But since the 60s, Liberal responses to the flag have become increasingly embarrassed or even hostile. The flag may be the most obvious, but it is only one of the patriotic icons that are being appropriated and corrupted by the Alt.Right. How can we take back our sacred symbols, and how, magically or otherwise, can we work with them to keep the United States a country with “liberty and justice for all”?

  • Gwendolyn Reece “Baking Ethics into Strategy for Political Magick”

This interactive workshop will give participants a method for thinking through ethics during the design process.  After the model is taught, we will collectively create an ethical magickal strategy on a specific important, but controversial topic.  This will give us both an opportunity to brainstorm about magickal techniques and strategy, but with an eye to ensuring that ethical considerations and risk mitigations are built into the design.  There is no better way to learn than by doing.