Travel and Important Information

The Conference Hotel is:  The room block did not, actually, off a discount, so there is not one.  There are other hotels in the area that are cheaper and with Uber and metro, it is not hard to manage.  The reason to go to this hotel is the ready access to the Mall, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court.

Other Hotels

Rather than provide you with specifics, given that they do sell out, I am going to suggest metro stops that have hotels that are relevant.

The conference hotel is at L’Enfant metro stop and can be reached on the Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, or Silver lines.  NOT the red line…although you can transfer from red to any of the others.  I strongly suggest taking the metro in rather than driving.  My advice would be to go to google maps, type in the name of the metro stop (e.g. greenbelt metro) and then search for hotels near it.

  • L’Enfant – This is the metro stop of the conference hotel.  There are other hotels not too far that I, as an urban person, would consider walkable…but you will want to look at the map and see if they are close enough for you.  There are, of course, buses, cabs, other metro stations, and uber.
  • Crystal City – It is by the airport, has a bunch of hotels, and is a mere three stops away on the yellow line.
  • Greenbelt – for those coming from the north that just don’t want to touch DC traffic.  Greenbelt has gigantic commuter parking lots.  Greenbelt also has cheaper options that Crystal City.  Is at the outer edge of the Greenline, so you need to give yourself some time to get in…but it is a straight shot.
  • New Carrolton – is at the end of the Orange line and also has a big parking lot.  Like Greenbelt, it is cheaper than Crystal City, but you have to give yourself more time to get there.
  • Silver Spring – It is on the red line and you have to change trains at Gallery Place to a yellow or a green – but by number of stops, it is no further than New Carrolton or Greenbelt.  The hotels are closer to Crystal City prices.

Getting Around

If you can avoid driving into the city, I recommend avoiding it.

Metro and buses: 

  • – L’Enfant is the metro stop.  Go out the 7th and Maryland exit.
  • Both iPhone and Android have a DC Metro and Bus app that is worth getting



  • I highly recommend Uber – you can get the app on iPhone or Android.  I’ve used it a lot in the city.  It is cheaper than cabs and usually takes very little time to get picked up.
  • You can hail a cab.
  • Lyft – I know we now have it, but I haven’t tried it and can’t speak from personal experience.


Google maps gives really good walking directions.