Trance Writings

Part of my work as mantis of Apollon involves writing while overlit.  What is below was written in trance as quickly as it comes out.  

December 20, 2016

I asked Apollon what we should be doing to prepare in this transition before the inauguration.

The training wheels are off

And the rider flies down the road

Wobbly and uncertain,

Full of fear;

No destination

But a strong sense of betrayal

As the parent removes the hand holding the illusion of holding steady.

Don’t panic, don’t turn around.

Claim the moment and ride.

Your preparations should focus almost exclusively on building your own power and independence from what gave you hope from without before.

Find your center and your balance and know and encode how it feels.

You will need it.

What gave you an illusion of safety? Sacrifice it.

What gave you a feeling of comfort when the world around you was descending into chaos? Leave it behind.

Find what it feels like to have balance in movement and keep moving.


December 18, 2016

Let your pen fly

Free your mind

The Truth you find

Is ever fleeting,

Ever created, recreated

Never fully fated

To be just one thing.

This is the way the world works.

Turn and see how it works.

Strange to see the way it breaks

Its stride


The tides

They keep flowing

Ever turning



And being born, reborn.

Stars do fall

Through the sky

Fear not

The Fall.