Ritual Preparation


Thaumapolitikos 2020 will include three rituals.

  1.  Opening Ritual
  2. Individual but timed protection ritual for your local Board of Elections
  3. Closing Ritual

Anointing Oil:  Because we are unable to be together, I am requesting that you make a simple anointing oil for yourself that will pull in the blessing and protection of Athena and Apollon.

You will need: olive oil, bay leaves (preferably fresh), a jar.  There are numerous different ways of doing this.  You can bruise fresh bay leaves and put them in a jar of olive oil for a lunar cycle.  You can heat olive oil in a skillet, put dried bay leaves in the oil, cook till brown (while stirring), turn off the heat and let them sit overnight.  You can follow this recipe: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/user/451190/recipe/infused-bay-oil

However you decide to do it, use this enchantment:

I see you, Athena
Wisdom’s Maid
Your helm, your aegis, your shield, your spear
Come claim this oil
That I have made
Be near, be near, be near, be near.

I hear your song
Great Prophet, Healer
My prayer–I sing it back to you
Bless this oil with your Light, your Love
May it draw all that’s Wholesome, Good and True

Oath for Thaumapolitikos:  Because it is essential that those who enter into this type of work commit to working with the right intent, the opening ritual will ask people to affirm this oath.  Please make sure you are willing to do so.   https://theophaniadc.org/thaumapolitikos/oath/